Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Home is Beautiful Again

I finally found a cleaning lady to come & clean my house. I just cannot keep up with the cleaning and the cooking and the shopping and the little thing of raising two toddlers. It took a lot for me to admit it, but I cannot do it alone. E is a huge help but even the two of us are no match for dirty bathrooms, thousands of dirty dishes and endless vacuuming.

My cleaning lady's name is Ester and she speaks very little English. She is from Brazil and speaks only Portuguese, which is a challenge. We got through it alright though and she was here yesterday & did a phenomenal job, better then I would have probably.
Get this, she even made seashell and roses out of the ends of the toilet paper rolls! I almost died. I love toilet paper roses! She is my new best friend.

I feel comfortable now, like I can breathe easier, like the cleaning weight has been lifted from my chest. E & I are so happy with our dust free house.

In other news, I am still searching for preschools. It is a tiring effort especially because I still don't know the towns around here very well. I am also looking for someone to redo our bathrooms. We have two upstairs and both are original to the house, so about 26 years old. One is baby blue & white and have the old faux marbling vanity, SO gross. Very Brady Bunch.
I had a man coming over today to look at the bathrooms and give me an estimate but he failed to show up. When I called him he said, "well I have you penciled in here", well then, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU NOT HERE? This cat was wasting my time and an unreliable person, I do not need fixing anything in my house. So that is that. Now I have to call other people & get estimates.
Tomorrow I am going back to my home town to go to some stores with my friend who just had her bathrooms redone. She is all knowing at this point and I need her help.
Wish me luck.

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  1. aaaahhhh . . . toilet paper roses.
    it's important to appreciate the little things in life!


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