Monday, February 28, 2005

Titles are Stupid

Snow again here today, sigh, 8-12 inches. I am officially over the snow.

This weekend we had a baptism to go to, so I went to the church first & E & the babies came to the party after because 2 year olds do not want to sit in a car for 1.5 hours & then sit quietly in a church for 45 minutes. Go figure.
The church was very nice, different because it was Greek Orthodox and I have never been to a Greek church before. Very nice ceremony, they actually have the baptism, communion and confirmation all in one ceremony. After the service I had to go to the bathroom badly so I made my way through the cavernous church & finally found one. I went in & there was someone in the 1 stall & someone outside of it applying makeup. The woman came out of the stall, and I was up so I went in and was BLOWN away by the foul odor that was lingering in that stall. This lady shit and now was standing outside the stall, washing her hands and touching up makeup with the other lady. I was gagging. I couldn't help it, I am a gagger. Now, I am trying to quietly gag, while trying to get down my tight mesh boy short underwear all the while shivering because it was 30 degrees in there and praying for her to get out of the bathroom so I can full out gag or just puke on the floor.
Picture that.

Later I described the incident to E who has been in similar situations and had full empathy. We are home shitters and we will never understand the mind of the "anywhere" shitter, and we acknowledge we are in the minority of this group.
At the restaurant he said "hey is that the mad shitter down at the end of our table?" I looked and said "yes". He said " I could tell she has 'anywhere shitter' written all over her face".
Oh, how I love this man.

Besides, isn't shitting in church a sin?

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