Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Terrible Twos

We are firmly entrenched in the phase where they get into everything and you cannot leave them alone for one moment. This for me means, that I basically have to follow them around the house saying things like "put that back" "no jumping on the couch" "feet first" "take that out of your mouth" and "you are not the boss of me". Except of course, they are. AND they know it.

sigh. I hope this phase peeters out quickly, although I doubt it.


  1. I hate to tell you this but you have atleast 6-8 more months of this -sorry! And with twins- Tuesday you deserve a vacation!

  2. For Logan, terrible two's lasted two years. In fact, I think he's only now starting to come out of it - a little - and he's now 4½. Lianne wasn't that terrible at all, however... definitely no more than a year and even then she wasn't getting into the trouble that Logan was. Cookie turns 2 in May, so we'll see how she does... but so far she's a female copy of Logan and can be an even bigger pain in the butt. Like when I go to changer her diaper at night, I'll call her and tell her to come here and she'll look straight at me with a snoot on her face and all but give me the finger before turning around and running the other way. And Logan and Lianne's newest phrase is 'you're not the boss!' (mommy's the boss) That went over real well while Trish was out of town recently.


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