Tuesday, February 15, 2005


We watched two movies this weekend on pay per view. Very unusual for us, we are not huge movie people, and I hate going to a movie theater, I would rather watch in my own home. Actually the last movie I think we went to in a theater was Titanic. Wow, that was a long time ago.
So we rented Napoleon Dynamite and Garden State. I want to know what you guys think of these movies. I like Napoleon, thought it had funny lines but the entire time I was just trying to figure the movie out. I still really am not sure. Maybe it is about nothing. Why was Tina the llama tied up instead of roaming free? There are various unanswered questions in this one. After watching this movie the next day E saw someone rocking the side ponytail at Wawa. Loving it.

I loved Garden State. It was that life altering, thought changing kind of movie. I think Zack Braff is great in it. I loved the soundtrack too.

So I would like your opinions on these movies, why you liked it, why you didn't and what you thought the underlying theme was. I am interested. In you.


  1. Since I haven't seen either movie I hope you will give me your opinion on both. I have been wanting to see Napoleon Dynamite. I watched Dodgeball, Ray, and Friday Night Lights recently. I liked them all.

    I was a tad bit disappointed in Ray because everyone has been building it up. I thought it would blow me away, but it didn't. It was a real good movie, just did not live up to the hype.

  2. It's funny, you and I have exactly the same opinion about each movie. I hear what you're saying about trying to figure out Napoleon. I think the pay off came at the very end--the dance and Napoleon finally finding someone to play dodge ball with! It was so sweet. I loved the girl...I forgot her name but she was the little girl in Corinna, Corinna.

    I just saw Garden State last night and while I liked some of the funny lines I didn't quite feel it. I think once the relationship got hot I got bored. It was so sweet and innocent up until that point. I felt like it got too Hollywood. Everything else about the movie was anti-Hollywood. I also felt like some of the character development wasn't there...like the drug addict friend and his knight-f**king mother. My friend who watched it with me felt that it appealed to the 20-something-raised-in-the-80's-Prozac-generation. He is in his mid-30's and just couldn't relate.

  3. Zack Braff = Tool.


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