Wednesday, February 09, 2005


E is usually a thoughtful gift giver even though it is sometimes not really what I want or need. I always tell him I love it and try to use it or wear it so he knows I appreciate the gift and the effort.
Lately though, he has been off. Not good gifts people, not good at all. So I took matters into my own hands and gave him specific ideas about what I liked or needed. For Christmas I sent him emails with specific things I wanted in them. I did not get one thing that I asked for. Not ONE! What's up with that?
I said I wanted new slippers, I showed him two specific ones that I wanted. I got the same ones he got me last year, in a different color and I never wear the ones I got last year. I said I wanted a purse, a bracelet, a DVD, a sweater, sneakers and other things where I explicitly told him which ones, what store, the best route to get to the store and the time of day to go. But I got none of it.
Men, what is up with that?

Ladies I heard that if you do go specific on your husband, they love that because it takes the guessing out of the entire situation. It doesn't work for E, but if you are interested there is a mens cheat sheet which may be perfect for your man.
Here you go:


  1. My husbadn is the same way. I might as well buy my own presents. He did surprise me at christmas with an ipod that I didn't know I was getting.

    Hey are you so excitied "Lost" is new tonight? Do you think Claire is still pregnant??

  2. Amanda, finally a new lost. I can't wait. I think she will be pregnant but I think she will not remember anything like Charlie.
    I am jealous of your ipod!

  3. Actually, I kinda like that list. I think I'll pass it along to Trish to use next year.


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