Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I can't shake this cold for the life of me. When I do get sick it tend to go to my chest and I wheeze, cough up junk forever and my cough sounds like a dying deal pleading for life.

Speaking of chests, ahem. I am a rather busty woman, a 36C or even D in some bras. I have just take inventory of my bra drawer and have found several problems.
  1. Some have cups that are TOO small for me
  2. some are too tight. Hello 34C, I hope to see you again soon.
  3. Some are cheap, shitty ones that kill you all the live long day.
  4. Some make me look like I have torpedos for breasts.

So, I am in the mood for some new bras, and I need suggestions for you.
Here are my guidlines, I don't think I like Victoria, but I haven't tried anything from her in years. It cannot cost more then $45 per bra, because, hello, I am not made of money! Lastly it cannot look like it is my Grandmother's bra, no matter how comfy.

Ok, girls, fire away.


  1. I wish I could help, but I've been wearing the same two bras since I won't dare say when. Plus I hate underwire, but need the shaped cups.

  2. I'm a Vickie's girl, thru and thru. I try to hit them up at the semi-annuals.

  3. You need to find a professional bra fitter. Trust me; you'll not regret it. One or two really high quality bras will last a long time. Find a ligerie shop.

  4. Body by Victoria bras are so comfortable...I also just got the Body one with the uplift..it's great..highly recommend it.

  5. Can't help ya with this. But I look forward to reading about the outcome.

  6. Marikay4:18 AM

    Le Mystere. You can catch them on sale. The best seller is the T Shirt Bra. I wear the renaissance cut (fuller cup) because after two kids and the weight up and down these girls need some lift, and let me tell you it's amazing what this bra does. The bonus is, it doesn't ever bind or hurt, pinch or pull. I have been wearing this bra for years and won't ever wear anything else. (until I get a boob job. LOL)

  7. I have huge boobs so no matter what I have to spend up to $60 a piece on bras. I am so anal about how they are washed too since they are expensive. Aw the joys of being a woman ;)

  8. Have you totally canceled out sports bras? ;)

    My mother bought me the bras I'm wearing now for Xmas last year, for all I know she probably bought them at the flea market, but they fit so nicely and comfy and they don't give me Madonna torpedos, and they don't have underwire because those things poke me! (I'm a 36C, too, thank you, Little Man!) I'll see if she remembers where she got 'em and get back at you with the info!

  9. Ok I have heard good things about Le Mystere, I will look into it.

    I think I do need a underwire, because I am busty, but maybe I am incorrect.

    Kevin, I hope you are having fun.

  10. la mystere are great, the one they were recommending on oprah was La Mystere Tisha

    i'd go to the figleaves bras store and look out for any of the other brands oprah highlighted too, which were Chantelle Bras

    Elle Macpherson, Fantasie, Felina, Freya, Natori and Wacoal Bras. i quite like the Chantelle tshirt ones too but she didn't mention them.

    some of them are quite expensive but i hope that list helps you out.


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