Sunday, December 03, 2006


Are we the only ones that have to buy new Christmas lights every year. My husband just took out 15 strings of lights to put on the outside of our house this morning, and guess how many that work?

Three strings of lights out of fifteen.

Every year I have to go back to the store and buy new lights. What a waste!


  1. I swear, the companies that make those strings of lights, make them to last only 1 year...that way they always stay in business. I threw out so many strings this year! I like ALOT of lights on my tree! We need to strike or something, kay?

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Beth has the correct answer, I'm SURE. I also had to buy a whole new BOX OF 100 hooks to hang those icicle lights off of my roof/porch this year. Those suckers break when the wind blows stronger than 10 mph. lol

  3. It's true, they are manufactured to self destruct.

    This must be a new thing too, when I was a kid my parents had these big honking lights with bulbs as big as walnuts, I swear we had them for ten years straight.

  4. I'm pathetic. I save them thinking that NEXT year I'll sit down and see if replacing the fuses or tightening the bulbs will make them work...

  5. Every year, new lights. Its insane.

  6. My punishment/redemption (from being bad and chasing Santa away permanently) was to sit and check every.single.damn. light on the strings that didn't work. My sister (who was supposed to help me) would tell me that if I didn't fix the lights Santa wouldn't come. Traumatized much?
    I'm buying a pre-lit tree this year, I hope those lights last longer than a year...


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