Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Now You Know

First I post a picture of my makeup, then my kids and now a picture of my face. Gasp.
What has gotten into me?

E is not that happy that I posted a picture of myself or the kids but whatever.

Plus I gave you much more info about me with that picture besides what I look like. You can tell by the picture that I have carpet. And stairs!
The picture was taken in the office at my desk.

What else can I post a picture of? My street address? A picture of my house?
This is addicting.

Oh, and to all the people with the compliments on my picture can you please come and live with me? I have a spare bedroom with two full beds. Do with it what you will, squeeze on in, I don't cook breakfast but you will be well fed. Requirements are only to tell me I am smoking hot all day, every day.

edited to add: I miss my anonymity!! Ack! But Somehow I am liberated from this blogging prison.


  1. Say no more, I'm packing my bags...LOL!

  2. Post some picture of E's shoes. See if he notices.

    Or your shoes and we can all ooh and aah about your footwear. We can never get enough footwear, you know?

  3. ahhhhhh Someone wears Mackie perfume! I love it!!

  4. I will have to go and smell those perfumes, I don't know either.

    Maybe I will post a pic of my shoes but do I have to take them all out of their boxes? because that is a mess I will not clean up.

  5. That's not Mackie? It looks just like a Mackie bottle. What is it then? I forgot the bottle of Sung that I wear every so often. But I have to be in the mood for that.

  6. I am not sure which bottle you are talking about Kristi, but there is a bottle of Happy, something from Ann taylor, Sung, Lauren, peony from Banana republic, something from bath & body works, and somethign from the gap.

  7. It's the bottle of Sung. I accidentally posted that under the pic of your makeup. I have a bottle of Sung but I don't wear it very often, mostly in the summer for whatever reason. I love Happy and I wear that in the Summer, too... mostly because it smells SO clean and if there's any chance of getting sweaty... well, you know. Not sure why I was thinking that the Sung bottle looks like the Mackie one, but still go smell them, especially ARMANI CODE... I shit you not, it's worth its weight in gold. It's numero uno in my house!

  8. The anonymity thing...I get it completely. I am constantly struggling with just how much to reveal.

  9. You're very pretty!

  10. It's a double-edged sword. After revealing "you", it feels like you connect better with the folks reading your daily brain-dump. But you also lose that safety zone where you can just confess whatever you want.


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