Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hair Trauma

SO I went to the hair salon on Friday because I hadn't gone in so long. I was waaaaay overdue for my highlights and a trim. I didn't feel well and hadn'e eaten anything all day, I also had this nervous energy and sitting ina chair for hours was not my idea of fun. Since my hair looked like a rat's nest I went.
My old colorist had left this salon so I tried a new girl that came recommended, it is a very upscale salon and it is filled with rich snotty people, but my hair dresser works there and I will never let anyone else cut my hair again ever so I wanted to kill two bird with one stone.

I told the colorist what I wanted, highlights like I have, blond with low lights of brown. I started growing gray hair when I become pregnant with the twins so I wanted to disguise them or camouflage them until they have taken over my head, which with my luck will be in three months.

She told me she understood, looked at my hair, all over, for many minutes.
That killed me. She said how about low lights, I told her that was what I have done in the past, that I do want it to look natural, and I am picky about my highlights, I do not want skunks. (thick blond streaks in the middle of my head).
She starts mixing some highlights and low lights and some other mystery color. I should tell you that I had to wait 45 minutes to even start with her as she was behind.
Pissed isn't the word.

Really I can't type anymore so I will tell you, what ever treatments she was putting in my hair for which in between you have to wait 10 minutes to rinse and repeat, rinse and fucking repeat, it took over 3 hours.
I was crawling out of my skin.
I was screaming in my head, and she took forever. That made my hairstylist behind and she had to wait for me to cut my hair. She was awesome though and understood. I couldn't dry my hair because I had no time left so she spoke to the manager and I did get a free shampoo, conditioner and round brush for free (the brush alone was $30). I could tell my hair looked dark but only until I got home I realized it is very dark. Dark brown.
The color that does not hide grays.
I actually love the color, it is different, and I look JUST like my sister now because this is the color she keep her hair. Everyone always thinks we are twins anyway.
This is not a long story short.

ANYWAY, I had to pay the bill and I cringed because the bitch kept adding treatments and I wasn't in the right mind to ask if they were extra or what in god's name was she doing to my hair.
The bill? $215.00 plus tips. Tips for my cutter, colorist and shampoo girl. I fucked my colorist on the tip because I only gave her $10.

Now I want to call and get my next color free to redo it because this wasn't what I asked for but I am embarrassed. I hated people who asked for free things when I worked retail. I certainly don't want to go when "Lisa' is there. I will have to return only on her days off, which I have no idea when that is.

So that is my travesty hair story. Maybe if I am brave I will post a hair pic later.
What will you give me in return?


  1. Come on, let's see the pic :)

  2. As for how to ask about a correction, can you talk to your stylist first since you know her? I guess that's where I would start. I've had long sessions as well and where I go, the colorist and stylist are the same person and pay at the max, $80 - including tip, because this is bum-fuck who-know-where. But for what you spent? I wouldn't be shy or embarrassed. YOU didn't screw it up.

    Oh, and hell yeah. You're going to have to post a picture of it.

  3. What will I give you in return? I'll go and smack the colorist. Not because I tihnk your hair will look ugly but because she's a total dipshit. I would have left somewhere in the middle of that session without paying. But I'm an asshole that way.

  4. I too agree that a picture is in order! As for the colorist situation, I would call the general manager of the salon. Explain your situation and also say how you want to be compensated. $215.00 is a lot to spend on something that wasn't exactly the way you wanted it. But, as with all of us gals, you're worth it :)

  5. You ladies just want to see how hot I am.

    I am hot.

  6. Wow, first let me say I've never been to a place with separate colorists and stylists. Second, this is a place you've gone to before, and they don't have a record of what was previously done to your hair? Even though my sister is my stylist, she keeps a record of everything she puts on my hair so if something looks particularly good (or bad) she can remember what we've done. I would call and explain that this was not what you were looking for and ask if you can get a discounted fix or something along those lines. You shouldn't have to just take it because the girl went overboard. (Disclaimer: While this is the advice I offer I can almost guarantee that personally I would be too chicken to call and complain. I'd totally just take it.)

  7. Melanie Marie12:58 PM

    You should call and make them fix it. I just got back from a redo appointment this morning! You pay good money for your hair to be the way that you want. PLEASE stand up for yourself. Pretend you are standing up for your sister (you would do it for her, right?)

    You would not be demanding something that you didn't deserve. You would be asking for what you already paid for!

  8. ugh. I used to go to a place where there was one person to take your coat, another to get you coffee, someone to color, someone to wash... it got to be too many damn tips!

    Call and say your husband hates it... that works every time.

  9. Kristen, oooh that is a good one!

    DD, My old, old hairstylist would also color my hair and he would gaive me a break all the time, $100 for both. But now he is just too far away. In NJ a good hair place costs you $50 just for a cut plus $35 for a blow dry.
    It kills me.

  10. I would definitely call...maybe ask your hair dresser when the colorist will be off. Then it would be safe. Looking forward to the pic!

  11. I got a haircut I'm not satisfied with, but I didn't pay near what you did.

    I'd call and see what they can do to make it right with you.

  12. I have soooo been there. I am ashamed to say that a rip off hair cut and color caused me to leave my stylist of several years and go elsewhere. I didn't want to confront her which is so not like me. I would call the salon (even if it's advice I wouldn't have taken at the time)and explain what happened and EXPECT someone to do something about it.

    P.S. Pics, please.


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