Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hair, Pictures, Kids and More

Ok, Ok, you ladies would call and complain for my color mistake if it were you. I think we all agree it is a lot of money and I should get what I paid for. The problem is I can of like being dark haired. But I think that will wear off soon. As soon as I start to see a single gray hair pop up and mock me from the top of my head and I will pull him out by my trusty tweezers and throw him in the garbage like the scum that he is and I will yell "tell your friends!"

I will get a picture of my new dark do for you as soon as E gets home from work today. Should I makeup up for you gorgeous women or should I appear with my dark circles? Questions, questions.

Yes, I do need my eyebrows threaded, so don't judge but I didn't have time on Friday at the salon and now I am scared I will run into miss illdowhateveriwanttoyourhairandchargeyouuptheass. I will have to go incognito under the cover of darkness.

My kids have been eating me out of house and home. I guess they are having a growth spurt. My daughter does not need to grow anymore, she is often mistaken for being 5 years old instead of three and she is so much taller then L that people don't think they are twins anymore unless they are both in the stroller.
I got back their first class picture from school the other day and they are amazing. It wasn't the standard sit in this wooden chair, smile generically school picture, it is amazing photo studio, special effects pictures.
I was impressed. I wish I knew how good they were before I ordered my red eyed Christmas cards from ofoto. Yes, they have red eyes in the picture but after trying to get a good one, and trying to correct the red eyes but not being able to see if I did it or now, I didn't give a shit anymore.
You know how that is.


  1. Embrace the dark circles! LOL!

  2. My vote's against the dark circles! Do it up! Makeup and all....I can't remember the last time I put on makeup. Ah, makeup. Sigh.

  3. I hate my own dark circles so I vote for an all dolled up picture.

    As for calling to complain about your color...honestly I think you should express your concerns to the salon. You did indeed pay a great deal of money for what you had done and while you may like it it's still not what you asked for and if I remember correctly from my days in retail...The customer is always right


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