Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hells Yeah.

Here is some photographic evidence that pooping Santa really does exist:

Ok you guys love the pooping Santa. You are my kind of people.

Actually I had seen a pooping reindeer in a Eckerd flyer before Christmas, and I expressed to my sister how I loved it but I couldn't find it.
I also thought my nephew would get a kick out of it. She found a pooping Santa and put in into the "game". Lucky for me I picked it and nobody stole it from me. They were all too busy fighting over a beef summer sausage, axe deodorant and a popcorn tin large enough to house a family of four comfortably.

My husband was victorious on the sausage and popcorn front. So if you want to come over and hang, I'll supply the snacks.


  1. Melanie Marie8:14 AM

    That is really funny! I have Easter egg that has a chick sticking out of it that poops candy and I love it!

  2. Awesome!
    I'm heading over for some beef sausage and popcorn and poop candy!

  3. Love the pooping Santa! That's great.

  4. Um.

    I have not only the pooping reindeer, but the matching pooping penguin. Score.

  5. we have the pooping reindeers, crunchy little poops that my kids were too scared to eat but were so impressed by.

  6. I have the pooping reindeer too! LOVE IT! However, I do covet the penguin.


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