Sunday, December 17, 2006


I went to the mall today ( I know! I like to live on the edge.) with my twins (are you laughing at me?) and I thought I could get some shopping done.

Yes, I am crazy. This post isn't about how fucked in the head I am, well yes it is, but what I really want to talk about is stores.
And by talk, I mean complain.

I get that I have a twins stroller and not everything is meant to accommodate me and my brood but if I could just navigate one store I would be happy. The clothes racks are squeezed together and clothes always hit my kids in the face.

I always have to remember where the special doors are for the handiapped in each mall so i can try to park by that door so I don't have to open the door with one hand, stretch my body like a cartoon character and try to push the stroller in with the other hand. All the while people come in and out and seldom offer to help.

Some stores I don't think you can navigate a single stroller and who shops at malls besides women with kids??

Maybe stores will wise up and make it more stroller friendly and maybe people will wise up and just move over slightly when you see I am coming or maybe spare 4 seconds of your life and hold the door for me.
If you don't I won't care, I will just run you over with my stroller.
Double wide, baby.


  1. Yeah, I can never get anywhere with my *single* stroller. So I haven't been to the mall in ages. They forget we mommies are the reason they stay in business...

  2. And where the hell is the pic of your hair?

  3. I couldn't agree more...and I only have a single stroller as well. Girlie Girlie is like you said being hit in the face by clothes or worse yet she's pulling and tugging on everything she can get her little hands on as we are going by.

    Oh the joys of the mall!

    And I second Diana -- where's that picture?!

  4. Gawd, I totally feel your pain. I have a double wide stroller with a toddler seat on top to accommodate all the kidlets. I have to be pretty forceful to get anyone to help me. Like cutting them off with my stroller and then standing right in front of the door so that they can't leave without helping me out.

    But I shouldn't have to be so abrupt. People should just be kind and considerate in general.

    Between not being able to navigate the stores without knocking down the displays, fighting to get in and out of the building and the eleventy billion people stopping me to ask if they are triplets (no), if they are all mine (yes) and to tell me that I have my hands full (duh).... the mall just isn't worth my time. Unless I am desperate, of course!

    I agree, we are the people that keep the malls in business, you would think that they would accommodate us.

    P.S. I also think you need to post that hair picture!

  5. Okay - and this is the most frustrating part about it. The stores that are the worst offenders are.....BABY STORES. We could only get 10 feet into Baby G*p and just forget about going to the children's section of any major big-box bookstore.


    What makes me especially angry is that my stroller is EXACTLY the same width as a standard wheelchair. If I can't shop in a given store, those folks in a wheelchair can't either - and that's not right.

  6. Totally agree with Suz. Baby stores are THE WORST of all the stored. Hi? We have BABIES. Seriously, been there and feel your pain in my ONE baby carrying stroller.

    Thanks for stopping in today, btw. How fun to see someone new!

  7. The bigger the stroller the more invisible we become....hoorah that at last mine are all walking everywhere at last! much does it make you want to spit that the kids stuff is always on the first floor and the mens stuff on the ground floor? Strollers, kids, stairs,'s all such fun.
    I am glad I found your blog, it's the Sarcastic journalists fault. Should I tell you that the other links I clicked on from her blog led me to rather rude things? I have saved you in my favourites because you made me laugh, thankyou.Helen.


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