Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The One With all the Questions

Really I find that putting my picture out for the world to see has stirred up some things in me.
I never started blogging to make friends or let people know anymore then I wanted them to know, I never posted my kid's names, anything more then a generic idea of where I live, or any of our faces.

I guess it is something that almost every blogger goes through, how much to give, how much do you let strangers into your life? Some of you have become friends of mine outside of this blog and some I have told things I have never told anyone.
Isn't that strange?
Or is it safer then telling your RL friends or family your secrets, fears or hopes? Would you care as much if they judged you? Do they really have a stake in your life? Are people who read your blog, your intimate details of your life, your ups and downs more true of a friend because they are there with you every day making time to read your life?

The whole thing is odd to me, yet I do it every day. The only blogger who lives close to me is Rockstar Mommy . I have seen her picture and now she has seen mine. Maybe I will see her in Target one day and I can run over to her like the rockstar she is.
Then we can blogger gossip.

That could be worth putting my picture on this silly site.


  1. I struggled with the same issues when I started my blog (although my blog isn't anonymous since it is tied to my business).

    I try to be wise about what I include and what I leave out, but I've found the whole experience to be liberating. For me, it has been about being comfortable with me, regardless of my audience. Blogging has prompted me to ask myself, "Why will I share this with the internet, but not my friends or family?" I think it has helped me live an everyday life that's a bit more honest.

    Does that make sense?

  2. I had never really considered the consequences of putting my picture on the web. I started when I was in highschool posting pictures to share with friends (local and internet) and by now I sort of figure it's too late. I mean I'm sure I still have pictures on sites with accounts that I can't even remember the login info for.. so yeah..

    At this point I figure it's really too late to stop now and honestly I wouldn't want to. If anyone actually cares enough to look at my site and my pictures then that seems pretty freakin cool to me.

  3. I still keep alot of things my name, the names of my husband and kids, our address and what not but sharing pictures to me really isn't that bad. I mean I guess sure some true hacker could probably do something with them or figure out through my ISP where we might actually be but seriously I think I have more chance of a stalker following me home from the mall than a person coming to get me cause I posted a few pictures.


  4. I have been a little more open about my life and my kids then I was at first.

    Hey, I am only a state away from you :)

  5. I have to mention this to you - I post pics occasionally and at one point some creepy guy started emailing me about my daughter (who was 2 at the time) and it freaked me the hell out. He kept asking me to post more pics of her, and telling me how great she looked in pink...VERY scary. Be careful.

  6. See, what True Jersey Girl just wrote skeeves me out. It's creeps like that guy that make us go into shells, when all we want to do is enjoy these friendships we have made and share pics of our kids...because really, what mommy doesn't like to share pics of her kids?
    Luckily, i haven't had any creepo peds e-mailing me, but I'm still very reserved about revealing too much like my hubby's and son's names. And I don't think I've ever really mentioned exactly where I live, though It's not hard to figure out...but whatever.

  7. There is a fine line between sharing just enough and sharing too much about ourselves. I think as long as you are conscious of that fact, you'll make the right decisions.

  8. It is tough to decide what to share and what not to share. I guess that's a decision that only you can make for yourself.

    P.S. -- Love the picture of your kiddos. That's a keeper for sure!

  9. I put it all out there, I find that my personality in general in not too self-censoring so it's natural to me to write exactly what's on my mind. I like to post pictures because I always think a visual aid is helpful. My husband doesn't like it too much, especially when it comes to pictures of Tess but he deals...and in my house, I am the boss ;)

  10. I don't share as many pictures of me just because I'm not lucky to be as hot as you. I share pictures of my son, but I do keep his name private. It's not so much to protect me from other bloggers. Obviously during the card exchange many people knew my real name.

    However, I don't want work to inadvertantly find me or worse yet, my clinic or god-forbid, an agency if we adopt.

  11. I guess it is something all bloggers deal with and every one has a different level of "OK"

    TJG, That is gross, you are freaking me out!

    DD, I think I have seen a picture of you and you are a hottiwe so quit it.


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