Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Game

E's family plays this game on Christmas since he was a child Some might refer to it as a Yankee Swap or a Trade game, but we just call it "The Game".
Everyone gets gifts for each person that is playing, no gift should be more then $5 and gag gifts are welcomed and even encouraged.

WE had this huge pile of gifts set out before all 12 of us and we jumped in, each person picks a gift, opens it and places it beside them, when it is your turn you can either open a new gift or steal someone's already opened gift.
Usually I walk away with most of the crap, this year I didn't do so badly.
I received a shower gel, jumbo playing cards, a twizzler lip balm, a Santa that poops candy, an eye patch, granola bars, a 16 candles pen that quotes lines from the movie, a three pack of shower caps, a loaf of pumpernickel bread, a rain cap and flarp (a booger type substance that makes fart noises if you put your finger into it).
To say that these were some of the best gifts, leads you to understand how great this game is. This year my 11 year old nephew and 13 year old niece played so I stayed away from some of the racier "novelties" I have seen on my travels.
And I have seen some doozies.

Last year I wrapped an industrial size pack of maxi pads only to have my nephew ask what they were to which my sister in law replied "they are for people who can't make it to the bathroom in time, like adult diapers" to which I thought "didn't he have sex ed yet isn't that taught in 5th grade? Well, he is in 5th grade but maybe that comes in the spring time because, you know, rebirth and all that " and thus ends the longest run on sentence of 2006.

It is a fun time and alcohol makes anything better when family is involved and one three year old that hasn't napped and some other kids all on sugar highs.
The game was good and although I didn't get the dishtowels I found my Mom had left them for me on my desk.
That was sweet.

Really can you complain about a game where you come out the proud new owner of a Santa that poops candy?
I think not.


  1. The hell with the pooping Santa, I want a 16 Candles Quoting Pen!!

  2. LOL - Where would someone find a Santa pooping candy?? I hate to even ask ;)

    It sounds like a blast though!

  3. Pooping're going to have to post a pic of that!

    Oh, no! Look, you got us used to pics!


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