Wednesday, May 24, 2006

E comes home today and not a moment too soon. Baby B finally pooped yesterday but she had more and was uncomfortable all day.
I knew what I had to do.
I had to go in.

I got the glycerin suppository from my medicine cabinet. I pulled a little square of toilet paper to get a better grip on the slippery sucker.
I told Baby B because she can't poop and her belly hurts, I had to put some medicine in her bottom and it will feel so much better. She screamed, she cried, she kicked. I blocked the blows while trying to gently place the slippery bullet in her butt every so easy.
I swear two minutes after it went in she was straining to get the poop out, she just couldn't hold it in any longer. Poor baby.

She went again one hour later and again this morning, lets hope it is all over so we can leave the house today.
We have been trapped in here by Baby B who wouldn't leave the couch for fear she may poop for the past two days.

God, I am sure this post will bring many visitors from people searching google for unmentionable things. I can't imagine.
Actually I can.

Lost finale is on tonight and I can't wait. We will be celebrating here all day in anticipation.
And yes, I need to get a life.
And no, I won't become the Mom who can only post about poop.


  1. Oh, man... I am so sorry... poor baby and poor you!!! Glad she is able to finally go!

  2. Give Baby B a hug for me. And here's a hug for you too mom. I know it's hard watching your little one in discomfort. YOu did the right thing though.

  3. So glad it worked! Isn't being a mother so much fun :)


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