Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Ok, I am a running so late on this Mother's Day thing. I haven't purchased one thing yet for my mother, E's mother, my grandmother, stepmother or godmother.
I know, I am in trouble.

I feel like it snuck up on my this year.

Now, besides time off and to feel appreciated which is what ALL Moms want, what would you like for Mother's Day or what are you giving your Mother/Mother-in-laws this year?

I was going to give gifts wtih teh kids pictures on it, but I am too late to order them now.
So go on and spill the beans.


  1. oh. no. mother's day is sunday. I haven;t even thought what to get my mother!!!!
    I'm hoping for a day of relaxation...
    yeah, we know how that will go...

  2. I did the mugs with the kids pictures on them. They love that stuff. And I also got them a small gift certificate with it. One for the nail place and one for the beauty store place. Something useful at least.

  3. I have no idea what we're doing, I was thinking Bath and Body Works and Mums! Simple enough!


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