Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I went all the way over to the other side of town to the vampire office to get my blood work done. I take the kids out of the car and as I am walking up to the front door I remembered that I forgot the paperwork from my doctor.
They can't do any tests without it so I really wanted to scream and yell and kick my car but instead i get my kids back into the car, buckle them in and drive away, all the while answering my daughter when she asks "are we coming back in one minute?" 735 times.

Instead I went to the grocery store with them and I got a car cart and I was happy. Then my son fell asleep in the car (like EVERY TIME I take in to a store when he hasn't had his nap) and I had to finish my trip quickly as to not wake the sleeping prince. Then I had to carry him into the house and he is now sleeping on the couch in the family room. Now I have to go bring in all the groceries from the car and I am stalling until E gets home.
I hate carrying in the groceries and anyway, I just carried a 33lb kid in.
I have to draw the line somewhere!


  1. I hate carrying the groceries in too. I guess I'm a little lucky in an unlucky way, though- we live in an apartment, and we're on the third floor, so most times The Boyfriend has to carry them all up because I can't make the trip. LOL.

  2. Just bring in the stuff that needs to be frozen/refrigerated. When E gets home pretend you just got home and need help with the groceries.

    In the meantime, enjoy the ice-cream...while you can.

  3. Kristen, we used to live in a 3rd floor apartment too, I did the same thing.

    dd, what do you think I did?! But I ate brownies instead of ice cream. : )


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