Thursday, May 18, 2006


Ok, I have got a lot of things going on in my head today, and I am going to pour most of it out here so I can clear up some space so maybe I could decide something important, like what to make for dinner.

LOST was amazing last night. Here are my theories: Claire and Jack are half sister & brother. Jack's Dad was in Australia to see her. Desmond is on the boat we saw coming right at the end of the episode. The "others" really just want Hurley because they had Jack, Kate and Sawyer already & let them go. It must have to do with the numbers. Speaking of the numbers, I bet they are not entered some time next week and when they are not entered the "magnets" take down another plane.

Elliott is off American Idol. See ya.

I have taken a sleeping pill for the past two nights and the past two days I have had a headache. Hangovers are the worst. I don't know which is better, being tired all day because I didn't sleep well or having a headache all day because you chemically induced sleep.

I have to go to Barnes & Noble today to pick up a book that E has to read by Monday for work. I will pick myself up a couple of books too. I love to read and it seems that I only get a chance to do so is in the summer when I am outside with the kids every day.
I can't even remember which books I wanted so now I have to look them up on my Amazon wish list.

The brownies are all gone.
In my stomach.
I can never make them again or I will weigh 260 lbs. I really perfected the recipe though, sigh.

Ugh! A storm is blowing in right now and I better go close my car windows or better yet, just pull it into the garage.

My daughter cried three times yesterday because she doesn't have a penis, nor will she ever have one, hence she will forever have to sit down to pee.
This seems like the worst thing that could every happen to her, and how dare I laugh while she is crying over something SO important.
I was just envisioning telling her first boyfriend the story.

My son likes to "assume the position" whilst taking a leak. He places his hands against the wall in front of him, spreads his feet apart and arches his back.
This stance, while hysterical to see, I can only hope it never comes into play as an adult.
I laugh because I envision showing his first girlfriend the pictures.


  1. oh that is too funny about the kids... tell her that someday soon she will be thrilled not to have a penis because she will know that all her decision will be made with her "big brain" ;-)!

  2. I can't help but laugh with you about the kids. They are funny! "assume the position" lol!
    You might have to make brownies again soon, if only to share them with us! (I love baking, maybe I'll send some out one day!)

  3. Awe! You don't love Elliott like I do? I thought he was so great. Oh well. I'm sure he's going places anyway. Apparently he's had a lot of offers to get his teeth fixed, too.

  4. Funny post!

    Be careful with sleeping pills.



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