Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Heat, My God, The Heat!

New Jersey has blasted off from spring right into the down and dirty summer. It was 75 and beautiful last week and was 92 and humid this weekend. Wow, I always forget how sticky and hot summer really is. Hopefully we will be back to our average 77 degree days.

This weekend was very relaxing and productive. My sister & nephews came over on Friday and spent the night, Sunday we had a family party and yesterday I planted a herb and vegetable garden and E and I planted a ton of flowers and bushes around the house.
It really needed it. For some strange reason the people who lived here before us, pulled all the bushes and plants up and never replaced them. Besides two mature trees and one bush there was no other plants, flowers or shrubs on the entire property.

My kids are napping! Yay! I tired them out with a trip to Target and Whole Foods this morning before nap time. I think that may be the key to my sanity.
I do have to push their naps back until the afternoon because when they start preschool this fall, they will have class 9-1pm. They should get home by 1:15 and that would be a perfect time for a nap.
I really have no idea what I would do with myself for 4 hours ALONE. No kids. I could do all my errands, clean the house without little people instantly messing it up, or go to the gym or NAP, or even watch a TiVoed show with no interruptions.
It is going to be great.


  1. This heat is insane, I can't believe I spent the last five months wishing for summer so I could be done with little jackets already. Now I can spend the next three worried about sunburn!

  2. Yeha for naps!! It is 99 here today- thank got for a/c!

  3. Yep Summer hit us hard this past weekend. I for one know I should be complaining but with the past weeks of gloomy weather and what it did to my mood I can't.

    YEAH for summer...now if I only didn't have to work during it. :o(


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