Monday, May 22, 2006

The One Where I Talk About Poop

Baby B is constipated again. Again!
She has been having the problem ever sicne she turned a year old. She eats the same things at the same times as her brother but she must have inherited my problem. She hasn't gone since Thursday afternoon and then it was little rabbit pellets.
I have given her aloe, acedophillus, mineral oil, prunes, prune juice, raisins, grape juice and stopped her from eating cheese and milk.
Still no go.
Now I know she has to go but it holding it in because she knows it will be big and hurt her. It is so very sad, because I know it will be big and hurt her but I explain that she will feel so much better after her poop comes out.
I have given her a suppository in the past, because I had to, but she was not happy about it and cried and cried. Who could blame her?
I really do not want to do that again.
E is away on business (again!) until tomorrow night so I am alone in all this. I like it much better when he gets to be the bad guy.

So any suggestions for me and Baby B?


  1. Have you ever used a glycerin suppository? I know that might be hard to do and you might have to pin her down. Worth it though :)

  2. Amanda, that is what I used the last time. I have them ion hand and will use them if she doesn't go by tonight.

  3. I don't have any remedies that you haven't already tried. Usually the prune juice works for my kid, and believe it or not, apple juice makes him go all liquidy so I have used that.
    Good luck, hope she feels better without a hurt bum!

  4. Definately see the pediatrician. My 7 year old had (still has) that problem(inherited from me). She started at about 1 yr. old. Even though she eats tons of fruits and veggies compared to my oldest. The problem is that during potting training period the cycle will continue...constipation, knows the poop will hurt so she would hold it. Tried everything, finally saw the doctor. Although she has a shelf(doc term) she just has a slow system. It could be many things including a food intolerance. Best to get it checked out. Good luck, I know it can be stressful.

  5. My nanny swears by a tsp of olive oil...

    Good luck... poor Baby B!

  6. How about water? Just plain water? i baby takes a dump once a day...good luck !!

  7. I agree with Cory. Little Man has a similar problem to the point that we ended up in the emergency room thinking he had a real problem.

    We went to see our ped and she prescribed a medication called Krystolose. It's not a laxative but it helps draws the water in from the body and softens the stool.

    She also suggested more fiber in his diet (not easy to do since he's a picky eater) and said that sometimes a warm drink with relax the intestines and help with a BM.

  8. Anonymous4:06 AM

    I have had the same problems with my grandsons. I highly recommend acidophilus for kids as an essential probiotic (made for kids). When my grandsons take this EVERY day, they will have consistent bowl movements each day. Some days they will have 2 tablets. Just Google "acidophilus for kids"


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