Monday, May 08, 2006

Shopping Trip

My outing on Friday went well. I went to three store and I finally found something in Annie Sez. My daughter hit herself in the head on one of the racks and cried.
They always hurt themselves when they are tired.
Then my kids said goodbye to an older couple leaving the store when as we were, my son pointed out he was wearing a shirt with a bee on it and my daughter had to show off that her pants had a butterfly. Then, in front of the strip mall she proceeded to pull dopwn her pants and show off her princess pull ups to the lovely older couple.
I died of embarrassment and we were on our way to get some new shoes.

My son fell off the little seats where you try on shoes, despite me telling him no less then 34 times to get off and to stand by me. He screamed like someone stabbed him and I am sure all the people buying shoes judged me and my kids.
I feel like putting signs on their backs saying "we are great kids normally and if we have a nap we are downright terrific" or "my Mom can't get us to nap or to go to the bathroom in a potty but really, she is a pretty good Mom"

Maybe I will just get t-shirts made up instead.
For Mother's Day.

All in all, it was a good trip out, I did find out Old Navy had carts and I did utilize them. My kids went into the dressing room with me for the first time. They were wondering out loud (very loud) what my bra was and why it was different then a bathing suit.
Then they poked my boobs.
It was almost degrading.

Next time I will at least go shopping after nap time. Or I should say faux nap time, where they pretend they are napping but are just tearing apart the bedroom and I try to do something productive before I have to go up and yell at them for faux napping.
That is a WHOLE other post though.


  1. I can't undress/dress in front of my 4 year old and haven't been able to since he turned 3. Too many questions about my body I'm not ready to answer. However, I'm completely at ease answering questions about his own, which can actually come back and bite me in the ass when he exclaims loudly, "I have to fix my penis!" to which he follows with a great deal of groping in the vicinity to make sure everything is just right.

    If it had been me overhearing any of the situations you were in while shopping, I would just smile in understanding. All parents would.

  2. She pulled her pants down?!?! How funny (to me since it wasn't my child to make me want to DIE of embarrassment!)
    It sounds like it went better than expected. Except for the poking of the boobage.

  3. Sounds like it went fairly well! I try taking mine every once in awhile by myself, usually the 6 yr old walks, 3 yr old in the front of the double stroller and baby in the back. It turns out a nightmare with clothes pulled off the racks, screaming, crying, getting kicked and harassed about leaving from my oldest. People always stare too which makes me uncomfortable.

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Not TOO bad! Glad to hear you survived!

    The thing I hate most when the kids act up is when other people (especially one's w/ their own small kids) stare at you like you're the worst parent/child in the world, don't get it, I KNOW all kids act up at some point.


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