Friday, May 12, 2006


It is a beautiful day here today and I am not looking forward to the rain that is supposed to linger here all weekend. Although I am sure my grass is excited.
I must have slept wrong last night and today I have a headache and my neck is killing me. I really need a good massage. That need comes in handy when Mother's Day is right around the corner!

My daughter is in her dress up phase. It started earlier then I thought it would, she received some dress up clothes and accessories for Christmas and her birthday and she went to my sister's house yesterday dressed like Snow White. The costume has been on for a good 36 hours.
My son wants to dress up too, and it makes me sad that they have a common interest that is not socially acceptable for the boy to do. I asked him if he would like to wear his sister's costumes but he wanted spider man and batman costumes. Easier said then done.
I finally found this.
Cute right?

He does want his manicures like myself and his sister. This was a little tougher. I painted them light pale pink just like his sister one day despite sad and concerned looks from my husband.
The next time we told him boys don't usually paint their nails, but I would paint one pink or use the clear if he wanted. He liked the clear or "white" as he calls it.

I find it to be hard because since they are twins, they like to do everything together, what one wants the other does too. There is much more cute clothes to buy or more toys for girls and just plain more to do.
I know there will come a day where both have such separate hobbies and interests. Until that day I will be buying more clear nail polish and searching for matching motorcycles.


  1. Even if your daughter wasn't in the dress-up stage, your son would still want the nails painted and play dress up.

    The dress up trunk is a great idea.

    My son loves to put my old hair barrettes in; get his fingernails painted and wear my jewelry and funky shoes. I tell my husband to take it as a compliment that he loves his Mommy so much he wants to be like her. And when he dashes to his room wearing my jewelry, shoes and red polish to grap his monster truck toys, it's a reflection of his father.

    These are just his ways to express it.

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    My son loves to dress-up as different superheros - sometimes he's batman, spiderman, powerranger, etc. He goes out dressed like this all the time and I'm always getting strange looks! I think it's hilarious. When he was younger, he would watch me put on makeup and want some and I would give him a little blush, it would drive my husband crazy - LOL...

    Anyway, I think it's great for boys to not be stereotyped into having to do only "boy" things.

  3. i think it's important to let kids be kids when they still have no filter. i also think it's important to encourage them to go beyond gender stereotypes. i don't see anything wrong with being gay, but painting fingernails and wearing makeup isn't going to turn your son gay or into a tranny. you know?

    i don't have kids, so i should probably not be giving advice, but i just hate when people get too freaked about stuff like this. it's something that i hope that our generation can change and chill on, so hopefully the world will change.


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