Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Stinking Titles

Today I have to go and get blood taken again. I really feel like a pin cushion with all these blood withdrawals. I just have to make sure my thyroid is functioning normally so I do not have to take any medications. The last thing I need is another medication to take every day, I already take three.

Then I have to go to the grocery store with my kids which is not fun. They tend to fight when they are in the close quarters of the cart. Plus I can't fit anything in the cart with two three year olds in it. The car carts with the little car for them to ride in attached to the cart is a hot commodity in my area and getting them ins't easy. They are also so bulky and hard to maneuver. I wished they would just make carts that have the seats for two kids in the front, like Bj's does. It makes life so much easier.

My Mother's Day was great. We went to my Aunt's house and the kids played and I didn't have to change a diaper all day. I also received ample massages and foot rubs.
Every day should be Mother's Day!


  1. Maybe since it's the afternoon, it'll be easier to get the car-carts. However, I use grocery shopping as a good reason to leave son home with Dad and actually "stroll" for once.

  2. I hate the vampires too. I think they killed all the veins in both my arms the 2 weeks after surgery and the endocrinologist took more blood from me today. And just when all the bruises were gone.
    I hate taking my 3 yr old to the dr offices with me and i bet its way worse with 2! HUGS!


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