Friday, June 16, 2006


Britney Spears and her breasts were interviewed by Matt Lauer last night on Dateline, and it was the most unconvincing interview I have ever seen.
Every time he asked her how her marriage was, or if she wondered about the karma effect of her actions she would cock her heard to the side and say "awww, I am sad people say that about me" or "it is a great marriage, he supports me!" and anyone could see that is not the truth.

Additionally, if you are going on television wouldn't you get your makeup done professionally? What did she comb her hair with? A rake?

I am so terrible, but I think we have already established that.

Listen if you are going to put your love life in a show and air it for profit people become interested, you can't just turn that off. I know that if I was followed my photographers they would catch me in less then flattering shots, and maybe even doing unconventional parenting.
I get it.
BUT, you can't have it both ways.

Lets face it, the girl has problems but who doesn't?
At the end of the day that girl has fabulous breasts. What else could you want?


  1. The sad thing is, the is her own worst enemy, is about as mature as my two year old dog when she is in heat, and has one child and another on the way. And worst of all? Her husband is a scum bucket with a loose zipper!

  2. It was like watching a train wreck. She really looked like hell, where are her "true" friends? Those people who would tell you to spit out the gum and comb your hair? If her marriage lasts another six months I'll be shocked.

  3. Ah, tis a popular blog topic, this one! Nothing like peaking too soon! :)

  4. Yeah I couldn't believe how trashy she looked, boobs out, hair looking like straw- and the gum. What was up with the gum? And how does she chalk up not installing and buckling her son's carseat proprely- to simply making a mistake and saying many more are to come?

  5. I couldn't believe how awful she looked...and the sad thing was that she could have eaisly fixed that! My favorite part was the air quotes! She didn't have a clue how to use them!

  6. Honestly while I felt sort of bad for her...I couldn't help but think 'my word girl can't you get a maternity shirt to cover your boobs'
    That was so distracting can't imagine how Matt Lauer was able to do that interview.

    I thought she presented herself in a horrible light. She sounded rather dumb IMO. And as for her marriage I believe it's doomed no matter what she says to the contrary.


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