Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Parent Question

My kids get tons of stickers from family & friends. Where do you put them all? I have hidden 90% of them so as to lessen the chance I will be scrubbing them off my walls.

I wanted to buy a sticker book like I had when I was a kid but I can't find them anywhere. They only have little books that come with the theme stickers already in it.
I thought it would be great for them to each have a sticker book so they can look at their stickers, and add to it. Not just put it on their clothes and then have me peeling them off the inside of my dryer 15 hours later.

Did sticker collecting die with the 80s?


  1. I used to have one, a sticker book. Sooo coool!

    Since they are so little, I would suggest not worrying about whether or not the stickers come off. Maybe a book, designated just for sticers? Or a small scrapbook they can stick them onto the pages? Or, maybe they can pick coloring books, color the whole thing and use it for their stickers?


  2. Julia has about 3 sticker books and let me tell you the still get everywhere. I woke up the other day with Strawberry Shortcake stuck to my head. Julia has a chore chart and I use the stickers she gets on there so I never have to really buy any.

  3. you can make your own sticker book if you can't find them any more (which is weird that you can't I assumed they still made them)- just get some construction paper and tie the end together with like yarn or something.

  4. I went looking for a sticker book too...and couldn't find one... I loved my sticker book as a kid..esp the strach and sniff page!! We too hide stickers... Love the make your own could even use contac paper so it looks more like the real deal..ummm ac moore here we come! xo lyn

  5. I couldn't find sticker books either, so I buy cheap scrapbooks.


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