Friday, June 09, 2006

The Power of Goodbye

My Grandmother is in the hospital being monitored for her heart, because her heartbeat is irregular.
Her being "sick" is irregular because she is the strongest woman I know. How else would you describe a woman whose 52 year old son died quickly and ruthlessly while she watched. Even the most feeble would become warriors.

What scares me about her being in the hospital is that it is another reminder that everyone I love will be ripped away from me eventually some fast, some slowly, but all inevitable.

That maybe I forgot to tell someone how much they mean to me and I won't get another chance.

That the moment you say goodbye to someone, it changes you forever. You may not let it seep out, but the change is there, inside of you. It nicks your heart, some may let it bounce off but others let it reverberate inside them, like an internal volcano of pain.
Like my Grandmother.

Although I know my Grandmother will be just fine, I hate knowing I will have many more goodbyes to say, and never enough hellos.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more and I wanted to add that as people we need to remember that our words and actions matter and when someone leaves our lives there is no chance for a do over.

    So remember that and love completely and let those around you dearest to you know it!

  2. It's so important to let the people you love know each and every day that you love them. It can all change in a heartbeat.


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