Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good Gossip

Despite not sleeping at all last night and being bitter about it today, my prayers have been answered.
NO MORE STAR. The TV "personality" got canned from her day job as an obnoxious holy roller on the view. Her contract wasn't renewed because of her antics by begging for free stuff for her wedding and they kept that to themselves. Yesterday she shocked Barbara Walters by announcing her departure without alerting anyone she was going to do that this soon.
Then she went to People Magazine and told them she was fired, forcing Babs to tell her not to return to work today.
I Love It. Love it.

Although I would have loved a nice fight between Star and Rosie this fall, I will take Rosie taking on Elisabth and her conservative views and spitting them both out.
Good times.

Then Britney poses nude ala Demi Moore for Harpers? Lord, today is such a good day.

I heard she decided not to let these pictures go out for publication so get an eyeball full while you can.


  1. Oh thank you for filling me in on the details!!! I'm SO out of the loop on this crap!!

    I mean I knew the first part of the Star stuff, but not the stuff today... wow. The Brtiney new stuff... ew. Blech.

  2. I am so ready for Rosie to knock that Elizabeth down!!

  3. Wow, those Britney pics are really trashy.

  4. I cannot stand happy she's a goner! Not a fan of Elizabeth either. I'm curious to see how the show is when Rosie comes on.

    I didn't know about Brit...who knows what she is thinking these days.

  5. Star's an asshole and she looked a lot better when she was fat...


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