Monday, June 26, 2006

Stupid Crap

Did you ever feel like your wrist was just killing you because you had to twist your ice cream cone so you wouldn't get melting ice cream on your hand!
The horror!
Did it kill your cravings for the frozen delight? Was it so terrible to rotate that hand for the four minutes it took you to eat that ice cream cone?
Well, you are in luck, now there is this!
No more messy hands, this motorized ice cream cone holder is perfect for the lazy ice cream lovers world wide.

Now your only problem is that the reason for getting an ice cream cone is to eat the cone and since this eliminates that, well mind as well eat your ice cream in a cup. Secondly, I would assume you must stick your face into the faux cone to get out any ice cream that is below the rim. Hence your face is dirty.

So if you like your face dirty but now your hands, and who doesn't, this is the perfect item for you!

Also for those lazy wristed people there is this.
Who wants to rotate that marshmallow when you are making, well I guess, a toasted marshmallow? That was your father's way of thinking, now you can sit back and hold the stick into the fire and let two AA batteries do the work for you.
Hey, if the AA'a were good enough to satisfy you in the bedroom, it should darn well please you in the middle of the woods too.

Finally we have this handy dandy item. It is too keep men entertained while they urinate. Maybe, just maybe, it will get them to keep in in the toilet instead of all over the seat, floor etc.

I hope this list of enjoyable but useless items kept you entertained today.
I know it helped me.


  1. Are these the rejects from American Inventors? If not, they should be.

  2. LOL at the toilet!
    I should get one for my little man when it comes time for potty training, I'm sure it will do all the training for me!
    How'd it go with the SIL from hell?

  3. I am the proud owner of the Egg-stractor! I got one back when I was on Atkins and ate a lot of eggs, it cost ten bucks, I thought it would be a hoot. You may remember this fine product, it's mission was to completely de-shell a hard-boiled egg with a minimum of muss and fuss, as we have all know the horror of manual eggshell removal.

    And would you believe it didn't work???


    My eggs always came out wearing a little shell beanie no matter what I did.

    The television demo though? Irresistable!

  4. I like the "keep the gents entertained' sales pitch... not normal.

  5. I agree with Diana- if that toilet goal was geared toward kids, then it would make millions, but grown men??? That's really bad!


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