Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gimme My Stick

I have this nice post all in my head about some disturbing items that I had seen on television last night, but I am distracted.
My daughter took my stick.

My daughter, who always has her hands on ALL of my stuff must have stolen my Napoleon Dynamite chapstick & hid it.

Dude, Napoleon Dynamite chapstick.

I am addicted to chapsticks and this one was given to my by my friend after my surgery. It totally made my day. Now, I have to go buy another and they are very rare and also don't come cheap at $3.50 each.

Here I am with no stick and my lips hurt real bad.

Yes, I am aware I need to get a life and I have watched Napoleon Dynamite waaaaay too many times.


  1. We have a pen and everytime you click it says "Sweet" or "Yessss" or "Tina come get your dinner". We have seen it too many time too :) And chapstick is a must!

  2. Amanda, I have the same pen!

  3. I once got a free tube of chapstick at a tradeshow and the flavor was called "Tsunami" and it was so intoxicatingly wonderful that I would only use it about once a week to preserve it as long as possible. When it got low I went on the manufacturer's website and saw in big bold letters that that ONE PARTICULAR FLAVOR had been discontinued.

    Why, tsunami? Why?????

  4. Dude, that's flippin sweet! Napoleon Dynamite chapstick!

  5. Brooke, why couldn't they just rename it?

    Kristen, It is sooo sweet.


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