Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How Could Today Beat Yesterday??

ME: when you said that if I was going to the store this week, we needed garbage bags and coffee, I didn't know we had NO coffee.

HIM: (silence)

ME: when we don't have anything, you say " we have NO coffee so if you want it, you need to go get it"

HIM: (silence)

ME: ARE YOU AWARE there is no coffee in this house and I am ALONE with two three year olds for three looooooong days? AND I promised to take them to a darkened theater to watch that long ass Cars movie and there is a high probability that someone will call DYFS on me after they see me sleeping in the theater and my kids are wandering around eating popcorn from the floor?
AND You left me no cash so now I would have to take the kids in and out of their car seats once to go to the MAC and the other to go into Dunkin Donuts to get coffee and are you aware of how annoying that is????

HIM: I told you yesterday I am sorry that I forgot to tell you we had no coffee.

ME: OH, no, now you are going to come at me with a tone?? You are going to tell me you made a mistake with a tone in your voice? I think not.
Hey, how was your coffee this morning? I am sure you had a cup or two in your fancy hotel and a nice big breakfast. How was that?
The babies and I are going to have dry cereal.
Have a great day.



  1. I hate it when they say nothing. At least when they start talking, you know you've got something to hold over their heads later.

  2. Anonymous7:41 AM

    LOL, I've had very similar conversations with my husband when he is away. I know they feel bad, but they just don't get it...

  3. You and I might be twins.
    I swear I heard my voice when I read that...strange

  4. I'm always complaining about taking the kids out of the car to go to the MAC machine...that's the worst.

  5. I think I've been there a few times, although not on coffee since I don't drink it. lol Hopefully tomorrow with coffee is a better day.

  6. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Give the guy a break... woe is you having to acquire cash from your working husband - of course, he should have known you would need more with the kids and all. Rough life watching a movie with NO COFFEE!! I'm sure his job is a piece of cake in that fancy hotel of his too... just hanging out, eating fabulous food and drinking designer coffee all day long! Good grief, ladies.. I would hope the guy is taking an extra "travel" day.


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