Sunday, June 11, 2006


Where the heck is Nita from Advanced Maternal Age? When I go to her site, it is just blank. If she left without a goodbye or fowarding address, I am going to kick her butt.

Nita, where are you????


  1. I second that! I've been worried about her. If you hear anything, please post on your blog. Thanks!

  2. She is "taking a break". I don't know why, I had sent her an e-mail asking the same damn thing (and made it a post on my blog too...) and that's all she said. But she is fine, I haven't heard from her since then, I think I'll have to send her another "Where the F*** are you?" note soon.

  3. I'm thirding that!

  4. hear hear!
    i'm glad to hear that she's okay (thanks, diana!) but really wish she'd get back to it.
    until we hear more, i'll imagine she's somewhere sipping cocktails ...


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