Thursday, June 01, 2006

If My Neighbors Overheard This, I Would Be In Jail Right Now

Me: You have to pump it first

My Son: Ok Mom

Me: No, hold it here, and your other hand here and pump it hard.


ya, that is right, now shoot it!

My Son: Look, I am doing it

Me: wow, that was a big one!

For the record we were playing with a Super Soaker.
I swear.


  1. HAH!!

    I'm glad the neighbors can't hear us very well from our house...taken out of context, the things kids say and do could be REALLY misunderstood! (Well, kids AND grownups.)

  2. Holy cow that is funny.

  3. that is too funny! I was playing the same thing today with my 4 year old. It's very hot in NJ!!

  4. i swear... don't you wonder sometimes just what the neighbor's do hear? i think mine hear me screeching like a friggin' crazy person...

  5. I had a sneaking suspicion that you were playing with a water gun...only because I have had a similiar conversation with my own Little Man....and hell the neighbors be damned.

  6. Oh my! That was too funny!


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