Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sick Day

Yesterday I called out sick from blogging. I had a nasty head cold and for some silly reason it didn't slow my kids down a bit.
I had to wait for E to get home so I could take a long nap. I took a sleeping pill at bedtime and now I feel much better.

As luck would have it, I have an appointment with my homeopath today. I didn't really want to go, he is about 45 minutes from me, but as I went to call and cancel I noticed a "appointments cancelled without 2 business days notice, will be charged".
Fuck that.

I really should rest this morning but now I have to run to Whole Foods for bread, fruit and milk, come home put the kids in for their naps and then go to my appointment. Since my thyroid is working fine, I would like to move on to other issues like my allergies (which have been terrible this year) and my asthma. Maybe he could through something in for my fertility, although that doesn't seem to be a problem for me.


  1. I have called sick from blogging for about a week now. Hope you feel better :)

  2. I hope you fell better.
    Question: Have you thought about "what if it's twins, again?"
    (Don't want to freak you out, but when I gave birth my hubby ran into a guy in the hallway with twin boys whose wife just had another set of twin boys-no fertility treatments, just luck. And yes, two men spoke of "that stuff." go figure)
    Have fun with the baby-making sex!

  3. okay I hope you FEEL better, not that you fell better. Can I spell today??? jeez....

  4. Diana & Amanda, I thank you.

    Diana, I have thought about twins again, I will post about it.
    My doctor's told me I have a 20-25% chance of having twins again. yikes!

  5. I hope you feel better!!!

  6. My friend has 2 year old twins and is pregnant with twins again! Small chance but it's there I guess. That would sure be exciting!

  7. The best thing about calling out sick from blogging is that you never run out of days!

  8. Oh, P.S. I added a link to you on my page :)

  9. Hey Baby Making Woman,

    Feel Better... we have the first run of summer colds going around our house and all is FUN ;-)


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