Monday, June 05, 2006

Shake It

Does anyone else find it disconcerting to shake someone's hand and feel a band aid?
Something about that just isn't right.
I had a band aid on Friday night due to a brutal mauling from my cat and I had to shake a myriad of stranger's hands and I was totally self conscious about it all night.
I briefly thought of telling people of the attack and subsequent bandage and then let them make their choice of whether or not they would still like to proceed with the hand shake.

Then I realized I think things through waaay to much and just launched the hand at them for a quick shake.

What is worse then a band aid shake you may ask?
I will tell you, it is the limp fish hand shake usually given by women but by the occasional man, also I have noticed a large number of Indian men and women with teh limp shake.
You go in for a firm but pleasant handshake and get nothing in return so you feel like you are crushing their limp hand.
You very well may be.
You try to move on but it is there in the back of your mind, why wouldn't they shake back?
It could very well be a cultural thing but I still find it strange.

That is almost has bad as the moist shake where it leaves you wondering if they usually sweat that much, didn't dry their hands after using the bathroom, or worst yet, didn't wash after using the bathroom at all.

So if I ever meet you on the street and shake your hand, just know, afterwards I purell.
Please, don't take offense.


  1. I had a man COUGH and then offer me his hand... I actually pretended my phone was ringing and "looked" through my bag for it... I couldn't bring myself to touch that germ-infested paw!

  2. I have to say that, while the limp handshake is probably the worst, the extremely forceful handshake is a close second. I hate it when people shake my hand so hard they hurt my fingers because of any rings I may be wearing. Ouch.


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