Friday, June 23, 2006

Smile Like you Mean It

My sister in law is coming over today.

You may ask is this good news or bad news? I will tell you, it is bad news.
Let me clarify, she is a nice person who I love because she is my husband's sister but (and that is a big but) she can get on your nerves really easily.

Besides the fact that she was the woman who cried divorce more then 3 times but never actually followed through with it and just decided to live in a love less marriage and pretend everything is great for years now.
She just likes to talk about herself and only herself.

When I thought I had cancer, she still only talked about herself, after my surgery she came over said "how do you feel" and then went on to talk about herself and her projects.
there was no "we are so glad it is not cancer" or "you must have been scared" or even "you look great for just having your beck sliced from ear to ear".

So I am in for it big time. She is bringing one of her kids and my kids are so excited. We don't get to see them that often and they love playing with older kids. I will have to take one for the team and spend the afternoon saying things like "uh-huh" "oh, really" with little interest.
Oh, and another thing, she always lingers here, for hours. If you invite them over for the day they don't leave for hours after dinner or whatnot.

I just keep a tally on what E owes me and this one is sure on the list.

God, I hope she never finds this blog!


  1. I recommend a day filled with water balloons and squirt guns. Two things can be accomplished: annoyances can be disguised by summer fun; and she'll need to leave early when her clothes get soaked.

  2. What the heck does this woman do that she thinks she is so interesting? Go out, get a bobble head doll and paste your picture on it. Sit it right in front of her...someone like that won't even notice.

  3. I feel for you. Honestly all my SILs leave a lot to be desired. My only saving grace is they aren't related by blood to my hubby and he's not too keen on them either. So we both do our best to avoid them.

    Good luck and I personally am all for the idea of the water balloons and squirt guns.


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