Friday, May 11, 2007

Chick Fil A is the Food of the Gods

Just a couple of days ago I was talking about how I see all of these commercials for restaurants that are nowhere near me, and some of you were talking about Red Robin restaurant. I have never heard of this place until you guys enlightened me, but guess what commercial I saw last night? That is right, red Robin, whose closest location is over 30 miles away.

I am not a fast food eater, but every once in awhile a cheeseburger is just so good from McDonalds or Wendy's. I have not eaten any fast food this year except for chick fil a, and they are so good I refuse to consider that fast food.
It is not!

E came home with a nutritional guide to fast food restaurants last week. I played the game I play where I dream of what I would eat if I had the metabolism of my husband. I looked up some of my favorite fast food orders.
It was not good.

A taco bell taco supreme? 220 calories and 14 grams of fat. IN ONE. E eats like 6 of those in one sitting plus a burrito.
A McGriddle from McDonalds? 450 calories and 21 grams of fat.
A blimbie best sandwich? 440 calories and 15 grams of fat

Me: "E this is a disgusting book and I am disgusted with the gross food I have consumed in these fast food places in the past"
E: " I know. (pause) Do you want McDonalds for dinner?"
Me: "Stop it."
E: "friiiiieeesss???"
Me: "you know what the sick part is? This knowledge has not put me off to any of this food, I would still eat it."
E: "look up chick fil a, I could eat that tonight"
Me: " I will tell you this one more time, chick fil a is NOT a fast food restaurant. It is more then that and I refuse to look it up."
E: "we are sick"
Me: " yeah" "where is the frickin ice cream man?"


  1. lol..Ha

    Pass me the brownies too while you're at it ;)

    Funny post!

    I don't really care about calories and stuff but then, some people say I'm nothing but "skin and bones".

  2. Kristi10:32 AM

    omg taco bell taco supreme... yum!

    oh yeah, I'm in agreement with you on chic fil-a. It's the food of the gods. Who needs ambrosia? lol

  3. Loooove Chik-Fil-A. I agree, totally not fast food, that is real chicken right there.

    I will definitely hit Wendy's up once in a while but I have not seen the light of McDonald's in close to five years now. If I were to start again, there would be no going back so I just leave well enough alone.

  4. Chick Fil A - YUM!!!!

    Red Robin - YUM!!!!

    Now I'm hungry! Once I started really looking at the calorie and fat count in foods I drastically changed my eating habits. Which was a good thing considering that's what you are supposed to do on Weight Watchers! LOL!

  5. Sindy, I will send you a copy. You will never eat out again.

  6. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Did someone say tacos?

  7. i love the ice cream man!!! I hate the songs he plays but the ice cream is so good, and so good for you.

  8. I am partial to the McD's french fries, myself :)


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