Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Restaurant Love

I am trying to lose weight. Not an easy task I know, especially because I am too lazy to go to the gym. Laziness when you are trying to lose weight is not the best recipe for skinniness.

So I have been drinking all this water in order to curb my craving for little scraps here and there during the day. I drink 50 oz of water a day, so I feel like I am nine months pregnant because all I do is pee.
I love to watch the food network or all the fast food commercials and fantasize about what I want to eat, this is not fun to do with E because if I say I am in the mood for something even if it is 10pm he would go and get it for me. I have to keep reminding him it is a game I play and if I indulged in all my food wants I would be the size of this house.
Lately though, I have been noticing so many commercials for restaurants that are not even around where I live. Like Sonic for example, I have seen commercials for them for four years but have never seen one here in person. Why are they advertising here then?
Last week I noticed a new one for the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. I would love to dip things into melted cheese or chocolate, but there are no restaurants around here, the closest one is in Atlantic City, which is not very close.
The fun of wanting certain food items even if I have no intention of eating them is that I could get it if I wanted to.
These commercials are ruining my food fantasies.


  1. You should be thanking your lucky stars that you don't have a Melting Pot near you. The smores fondue is to die for!

  2. Mmmm, smores fondue. Now I'm hungry too!

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I'm with ya, fellow dieter. I drink enough water to choke a donkey.

  4. Yeah, I'm also trying the water thing to prevent the eating thing, except for the part where mostly I just want to eat when I'm bored and it doesn't matter how much water I drink. We have a melting pot here. I went there once like 5 years ago and it was kind of neat!

  5. It was my New Year's resolution to drink more water each day and work out 3x a week in an effort to stay slim.

    It's may and I've done neither. I have no willpower whatsoever!

  6. I've heard the Melting Pot is awesome! We have the same thing with commercials for Red Robin. I live around Wichita and that's in KC! I'm not driving 3 hours to eat there! lol

  7. I know guys, it is torture.

    Sabrina, I have never heard of red Robin.

  8. Kristi4:08 PM

    Red Robin bites ass. It was my husband's favorite restaurant in California. There's one not too far from here but really, why bother? You're not missing anything as it regards to Sonic. Same shit as Dairy Queen.

    Damnit! Now I'm hungry!!

  9. Kristi, I knwo some Dairy Queens sell food but all the ones in North Jersey are jsut ice cream stands and now I want a blizzard!

    there are no DQ's down here either! : (

  10. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Man! You guys miss out on all the good food that we have here in Ohio! Red it! A little pricey ($8/9 for a burger or chicken sandwhich) but wonderful! Melting pot...even better! We do have Sonic commercials around here too, but the closest one is an hour away...never understood that one.

    A guy in my office recently moved here from Chicago and cannot believe the restaurants we have here. I never realized that OH was the mecca of good food! I'll take it!


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