Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I am Taking Over the Project

See this door? Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, it is a door like just like the ones you use every day. The only thing wrong with this door is, it doesn't work.
It is not attached to the frame. It is a door that leans up against the wall and is not functional what so ever. At this point, it is purely decorative, and I use that term loosely.
This door leads to my bathroom, the one only I use and the only way to get away from little people who demand things all day. The old door was the only door that was not replaced by the former owners which is odd, but we thought nothing of it, after all how hard could it be to replace a door? A little bathroom door!
No prob.

It only took almost three years to purchase a new door, and then within minutes of the new door being brought into our home, the old door was off. Progress! Then it got late and the project had to be left for another day. The next opportunity E had to install the new door, he realized the frame was slightly warped or off and we would have to shave the frame down ever so slightly to get the new door in.

You know where I am going with this story, right?

That was over four weeks ago.

Not only is it so great to get out of the shower into a drafty room, but I love that the one place I have to go that is all mine, and I can pee by myself without people asking what that pad is on the counter or if I am pooping, is lost.
No privacy. Pee with the door just leaning against the wall, mocking me.

Mocking me!

Now I know what I should have asked for mother's day, a door to be properly hung on hinges and a knob that has a lock on it. A big ole lock because once it is installed, I won't come out for days. I will pluck, shower, primp and maybe even poop in sweet, sweet privacy.

(also? don't you paint a door, say in the garage, before you hang it as to not make a mess with paint all over the house? Yeah, I thought so.)


  1. Funny you should mention doors. I was just scrubbing the ever loving hell out of my bathroom door the other day and have come to the conclusion that it cannot be cleaned, it cannot be painted over, it must be replaced. After hearing your story and picturing my bathroom door leaned against the wall for a month.. maybe I'll reconsider the "it cannot be painted" part. Hope it gets taken care of soon!

  2. I suggest you go down to your nearest teen-furniture-providing store (or Claire's) and buy a beaded curtain. Pretty pink, sparkly curtain and hang in in the door way.

    That will be a rather passive-agressive manner to remind the Man to get his ass in gear and hand the effen door.

  3. Who needs a door when you can buy a bead curtain with a Hula girl on it.

  4. awww. you so deserve a door that closes...all the way...and locks. I don't have a door that closes all the way on my bathroom, but at least I have a door on the frame! ;)

    I hate it when someone barges in in the middle of a good pee..or poop.

  5. What is it with women and bathrooms as sanctuaries? I lock myself in mine for a 1/2 hour every evening to unwind.


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