Friday, May 25, 2007

The New Plan

Memorial Day weekend huh? We have no plans, as usual, well I will go to my Aunt's house on Sunday for some swimming and fun but besides that we will do nothing exciting this weekend. Such a change from my every day life!

My in-laws are coming in two weeks and I am stressing about all the cleaning and stuff I want to do around the house before they get here. I would love a bathroom door to be hung and in working condition but since I posted about it, just one more hinge has been hung.
I really am going to have to hang Greg Brady beads up aren't I?

I am not going to worry about my in-laws visit this time because I have a plan. Get out of the house as much as I can by going to the gym! Not only will it get my ass to the gym, but maybe I will pretend I am a super freak workout addict and go long and often. Maybe even go to Barnes & Noble afterwards to sit around and look at all the books I want to read.
What a great plan. They would rather be alone with my kids anyway so they can feed them all junk.

Oh and I told my husband to take off some days from work while they are here, I am done entertaining them alone all day!


  1. Good for you! I would be gone every single do whatever I wanted. Let the in-laws be with the kids and let hubs entertain his parents. sounds like a plan.

  2. Kristi10:15 AM

    i don't blame you about the in-laws. Mine are freaks. My mother in law believes her spirit guide talks to her... through a ouija board. I. Shit. You. Not! freakkkkkkkkkky

  3. I have no plans for the weekend either. But, that's exactly how I like it. I just want to take each day as it comes and not feel pressured to do anything. On the door, maybe if you start trying to hang it the wrong way and make a lot of noise and your husband will just take over and finish the job.

  4. Entertaining the in-laws all by yourself for days? Gah.

    That is TOUGH. I hope they volunteer for some free babysitting so at least you and the hubby can get out for a nice evening out. :-)

    Hope you have great Memorial Day weekend.


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