Wednesday, May 02, 2007

They are ALL Vampires

A few things to report in the last week or so in my life that I have not yet reported to you, my faithful readers:

1) I had blood taken by a woman who had poison ivy. No really, she didn't just have dried calamine lotion all over her face, I heard her on the phone with her doctors asking about her "condition". Of course she wore gloves when she took my blood, poorly I might add, but she didn't have on gloves when she was fingering my insurance card or paperwork.
I was so caught off guard by this and I did and said nothing to her because I am a coward. You would think my OCD/germaphobia would override the coward in me, but it didn't.

2) My hottie landscaper is back and he is hoT with a capital T. He is also like 21 and I could be on sketchy territory here but what the hell, eye candy is eye candy.

3) I called my doctor's office yesterday for my aforementioned blood work. Of course with my luck I called at 4:15 and according to the message on the blood work hot line, they will return calls left after 4pm the next business day. Frick.
They called this morning and told me my doctor was not in and she likes to review these results first so she will be in tomorrow and review, and then call me with the results.
Needless to say this does not leave me with a warm and cuddly feeling inside, it scares me. I have had enough bad news for one lifetime and any delay for any reason leaves me panicking.
I have diabetes! I have multiple forms of cancer! My thyroid is not working! It is the gout isn't it? Am I going blind? Hypertension! Is something wrong with MY COLON, JUST LAY IT ON ME LADY!

Yeah hysteria is the new "worried" in my house.

Men, don't forget to go here for all your mother's day needs.


  1. And eye candy is calorie free!

  2. If it's hot there, maybe your garden-guy will go shirtless. That should help with the worry part. I don't know how, but I just think it would.

  3. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Reminds me of my lawn guy. And my snow plow guy.


    Gotta love spring. Especially when Capt. Eye Candy isn't wearing a shirt. MM.

  4. Kristi12:18 PM

    I'm sure you're fine, but I'm like you... don't make me wait or my brain goes into overtime. I wasn't that way until after I went to nursing school.

  5. My lawn guy is my wife. She looks darn good gardening so I'm cool with that ;-)

  6. Hi there. I'm a new read. I would have said something because I get my blood drown every other week. She really should have been out because that catchy stuff. Shame on here:=) Take care...

  7. HA! Maybe "germaphobic coward" comes with the name. I mean I almost didn't complain to the dentist my throat was numb and I was having trouble swallowing except that they left me alone for 5 WHOLE MINUTES to sit by myself waiting for my throat to completely close up etc.. Of course in the end it was all fine but still. PANIC. I'm sure your tests will come back fine, try not to worry too much. (HA).


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