Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

I have not slept in days. Last night E stirred and got up to go to the bathroom, I told him I don't think I had been asleep yet. Then I glanced at the clock and it was after 3am.
What is that about? I am trying not to take my sleep medications, because seriously it was getting out of hand there for awhile, but I think I will take a nice, easy Tylenol pm tonight. I just can't stand not to sleep for days on end.

I have new neighbors! Of course it couldn't be a young couple with young kids, but it is nice to have new people on our street. I have to bake something and bring it over to welcome them. That is not typical for where I am from, and I was shocked when we moved in and at least four people came over with baked goods and introduced themselves.
I think I will make brownies.
Nothing says "welcome" better then warm, homemade brownies and maybe a lawn tip or two.
This neighborhood takes its lawn care seriously.
Don't fuck with our grass.


  1. Dang....wish I was moving in beside you. I'd take a caramel pound cake. Ok?

  2. The house across the street from me is for sale. I'm hoping for a young couple! That's really nice of you to go over and meet the new neighbors. Seriously, really nice!

  3. I love me some brownies!

  4. Mmmm...brownies. With or without nuts?

  5. So, to get to your house, do I make a left or a right after the "Welcome to Stepford" sign.

    Just kidding. It's nice to know there are still people out there who actually talk to their neighbors.

  6. That's really cool! Our 'hood does that too.

    Brownies are ALWAYS perfect!

  7. P.S. Hope you get some sleep tonight. I know how much it sucks when a person isn't sleeping (from one insomniac to another!)


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