Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I am not a fan of my period. I hate it, I think it is bothersome and some accidents I have had as a teen has made me so paranoid during my period that I refuse to wear even somewhat light colored clothing.

BUT, although I loath my period, I understand its purpose and the fact that maybe it does even more benefit for our bodies that we don't even realize. That is why when the FDA approved the new birth contol pill, Lybrel that eliminates your period, I wonder if the world has gone mad.

Believe me I understand the pharmaceutical industry, it pays my bills, it feeds my kids and allows us to live in a house. I know it is a business. We don't have to buy into it fully though.
Let us remember that big pharma has never cured any chronic diseases. Sure they have drugs to make your life easier, or maybe even help some people live longer but if you were cured they would make a little money off of the drugs, if you have to live every day taking drugs like asthma or diabetes medications, they make a lot of money over your lifetime.

It is unnatural to eliminate your period. It is not healthy. It happens every month for a reason, and maybe some of the problems with infertility women face are from drugs like this one. I just want everyone to stay informed, watch the movie Sicko coming out. Question your doctor, read the package inserts that come with your drugs.
Eat healthy, take a walk and educate yourself.
Continue to complain about your period every month, like me.

end rant.


  1. I agree 100%. Periods exist for a reason - other than the possibility of conception. I feel like my system would get backed up or something if I deliberately supressed it. birth control pills can be risky in their own right. Why push it? You never know what might be discovered (about this med), a few years and a few lost lives later.

  2. I only have my period every 3 "cycles" thanks to birth control. I get migraines during my period and I haven't found a pain medication yet that can do anything about them. Since the headaches are hormonal and pain meds don't work my doctor recommended I skip periods. I'm not 100% sure about completely eliminating my period, but I am all for reducing its frequency. I can't imagine having the headaches every month.

  3. I agree. Stopping it altogether can't be a good thing.

  4. Hmm. Something to think about. I've been debating talking to my OB about some form of birth control just to help regulate my hormones. I've started getting really bad headaches every month and turning into a real beast. I was thinking maybe fewer periods a year would mean fewer spells of misery....

  5. That can't be good for you. Much as I hate getting mine there are times when I just feel like I HAVE to get it out of my system before I explode.

  6. Kristi3:09 PM

    Ok, I hate to disagree with you but on this I must. I had TERRIBLE periods that got much worse after having my tubes tied with my 2nd child. I had a hysterectomy ata the age of 24 and haven't for ONE second regretted it. My daughter, now 17, also has debilitating periods. She is an athlete on the Junior Olympic basketball circuit and has secured a college scholarship in basketball before even beginning her senior year (next year). She can't get out of bed some days they are so bad. While there are inherent risks to the pill (namely blood clots) there are some people who truly are better off without periods. Unfortunately for her, the pills only caused hormone issues that left her to bleed 3 weeks out of the month rather than eliminate them. If it works for some people I say go for it. I wouldn't assume that people don't eat healthy, excercise or study things to try and find another way of dealing with it. that's a dangerous assumption

  7. Erin, rebecca and Kristi, Sever migraines that come along with your period every month must be terrible. That is not who I am suggestign not go on it though.

    Wyeth expects to make millions of dollars in profit from this drug alone in the next year. Many of those will be women who just don't want their period.

    When I say that people do not educate themselves or eat healthy, that is the rule in this country. People do not do that and the treat the doctors word on anything like the word of god.
    If people really treated their bodies correctly, they might need doctors or medicine a lot less.

    Just ask anyone who sells diabetes drugs.

  8. Well...naturual?

    Anything that bleeds for 5 days and still lives is naturual?

    Kidding! (Before ya'll go off on me)

    I have no input for this post. My opinion wouldn't mean squat anyway.

    I'm shutting up now :)

  9. "Natural"

    I'm an idiot.

  10. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks this is another shitty idea that will be pushed by the pharma companies. What pisses me off though, is, there will be doctors who will push it on patients because the drug companies want them too. Is stopping a woman's period sooooooo essential? What about finding a cure for fucking IBS? Now there's a problem.


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