Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Gotta Get a Dell


Life has been, very interesting to say the least. On Friday night my computer died. The POS is only 2.5 years old but it died. I had to drag its carcass to the computer ER only to learn it wasn't the power source that was broken, of course not because that would have only cost $79. It had to be the mother board with cost me three times that.
I love to have a little extra money only to have it fly out of my pocket a moment later.

So I have been MIA on the Internets and I am in official withdrawals. E's computer hates AOL and gmail for some reason because it never lets me check my accounts. Not having a computer has been good for my house because I have been organizing and cleaning but b a d for my attitude. Let's face it, it is my one connection to the outside world and I love to know my weather, what is going on in my favorite blogger's lives and take polls where I give Bush the lowest possible rating all in 4 minutes.

So, how are you? Cheer me up, so I don't go ballistic on these computer geeks if they don't have my baby back to me in two hours!


  1. I am fine. I say this while slowly backing away from you ;)

    Hopefully you'll get your POS back and it'll be good as gold!

  2. Hope you are up and running soon!!!
    I just hate it when my computer dies...
    as I am at a loss...
    a total loss...

  3. Know why they call it the motherboard? It's got slots.

    Sorry. Terrible, I know.

  4. Thanks guys, sometimes life just gets ya down!

  5. Having no computer is a bummer. The powercord of my MacBook burned up a few weeks ago. I sat watching my battery icon get smaller and smaller, just hoping that new cord got here before it died...

    Hope you're up and running again soon.

  6. Oh! That's HORRIBLE! I would go insane.

    Which isn't really "cheer you uppy" but I'm empathizing :)

  7. Kristi4:54 AM

    remember that post about your bathroom door? well, now that I can open your comments section (who knows what was wrong before) don't shave the frame, shave the door.

    Get a dell. I love mine


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