Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Door Watch 2007: The door is still not functional. As for some of your suggestions of a beaded fringe door, Although I love it the Greg Brady look, I do need a bit more privacy then that would allow.

Lost: I can't wait for tonight. It has been killing me not to read spoilers of what is going to happen, but one of my best friends read it and that is good enough for me. For now. I like knowing she has all the knowledge about the show and confirms it is going to be amazing.

Tests: all my blood work came back fine, thank you for caring. My thyroid is still rocking and rolling like we never removed a part of it. Sometimes I just love my body.

Searches: people who found me were recently searching for: girl pooping on the toilet, molester dentist, massage accidentally touched vagina, booger king and girl of sexy.
At least they got the last one right.

Highlight disaster 06: After my last highlights in December ( I am so overdue!) came out beautiful, but not how I wanted it, I kept it because you all gave me such nice compliments. Oh yeah, and I hate confrontation so I couldn't complain to the salon. Enjoy the following conversation:

L: Daddy what color hair do you have
E: brown just like yours
R: I have brown hair too!
E: No, R, you have blond hair
R: And mommy what color hair do you have? Grey?
Me: Hello salon? I need an appointment asap.


  1. So, Girl of Sexy is also Girl of Healthy? Glad everything came back great!

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    glad to hear that things are good. GIRL OF SEXY!


    And I am due to color my greys today! Thanks for reminding me!

  3. Glad everything checked out a-okay!

  4. I think you should change your blog title to : Tuesday, the girl of sexy...

    Glad all checked out!

  5. Kristi8:14 AM

    Wanna know something sad? I wouldn't have the first clue of how to look up how I popped up in a search. Pathetic huh?

    Hair is important. I'd spend any amount to make sure that I am happy with it.

  6. I can relate on the need to visit the salon.

    Glad your test results came back ok.


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