Monday, May 14, 2007


Why do I continue to create expectations when I am always disappointed? Clearly I am not learning something from these experiences. I just keep setting myself up for disaster.

I am not only taking about mother's day which was OK, but busy. My dreams of having no stress and let someone else take care of the kids were dashed when someone forgot they were working on Sunday and, of course, couldn't find anyone to work for them that day. So I spent the day with my lovely children and my two nephews, drove about 180 miles, went to a family party, and just generally did what I always do.
Now, I can't complain about my husband. Generally E is thoughtful and romantic. He has never forgotten a birthday, anniversary or any other holiday. He does have the "last minute syndrome" where he does not put in as much thought into a gift as I would like, but hey, he is a guy.
He also always helps around the house, he takes out garbage, changes the cat litter, bathes the kids, shovels the snow and so on. So I can't complain that I do everything around here, I don't. I am aware of that.
I just wanted a day off from the kids, and I love them, I truly do but being with them every single day since they emerged from my body, is draining.
To say the least.

Lets just say I am one tired mom. Although my husband says he knows how hard it is and how draining it all can be, it still can't really know.
Only other moms know, and it is just another reason to become a lesbian.


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    You ARE kinda hot...

    I know all too well about that disappointment. hopefully you'll get some time off SOON. Like 2 weeks in a tropical island ALONE.

  2. Kristi12:41 PM

    Hey, don't some lesbians have kids, too?

    seriously, give the kids some benadryl and catch a nap. You'll be surprised how much it helps

  3. mama, oh thanks
    kristi, what I was trying to say if you were a lesbian, at least yoru partner would understand what it is like to be a mom.

  4. You mean that on Mother's Day we are supposed to be treated with something special?!

    I got a card. Does that count? Unless I plan it myself, it doesn't happen.

  5. I think most men suffer from last minute syndrome.

    Or, maybe I just tell myself that to feel better.

  6. I'm sorry. There seems to be a lot of mother's day disappointment going around. :( Note to husbands: get it right!

  7. Hey! Very resentful of the whole "only moms can understand" thing over here! The exhaustion of staying at home with kids knows no gender barrier.

  8. Luther, In my experience anyone who stays home with the kids, all day every day, knows.


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