Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Whole Lot of Nothing

My head is still reeling from Lost last night. What the hell?
I feel like my head is spinning today, you know those days, where there is no organization in your head? My sister is having knee/ankle surgery today and I will be watching her two boys again this weekend. I love them but it is a little hard because my car does not fit three car seats and one booster seat, so we are stuck in the house for the majority of the weekend because E has to work. Bummer.

Wanna check out an interview I did? You get to see a rare thing, a picture of me!
How about the new site I am writing for? I am the hardest working blogger you know.
Not really, I know.
Are you tired of these links yet? No? OK, well I am running a contest on my other site for a free pro membership to Go and enter to win one of five memberships.

Excuse my shameless plugs, mamas got to pay for preschool!


  1. Lost was freeeaaky last night. I don't care what they throw at us, I just love that show.

  2. Kristi12:46 PM

    Hey, get it where you can, girl!


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