Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Day Has Come

I have been dreading this day since I learned about it in my 7th grade cooking class. It is the day I found teeny bugs in my flour. WTF? My flour is in a airtight container and it isn't that old. Also, please, I keep a clean house. Very clean. Friggin nasty ass bugs. Now I have to haul my ass to the store for flour, the day before Thanksgiving. That is a death sentence.

Also I feel like I am getting sick. Not good. I sent E for Baja Fresh which could be the only thing to turn my cold around. Mass amounts of guacamole. Didn't you ever hear of feed a fever? or a cold? or something?


  1. lots of cough syrup and cuddling up with someone else.

    its the gift that keeps giving.

  2. Flour.
    It's not you. Sometimes there are eggs for the critters in the flour. My favorite flour is King Arthur White Whole Wheat but it tends to go bad. My solution is to keep it in the freezer.

    Airborne really seems to zap colds before they zap you. I've been using it for a couple years now. I used to get at least twice as many colds as dear wife, now I get less than she. When I do get them the duration is reduced as well. It's expensive but I figure about $10 for every weeklong cold I miss is worth it. If somebody around me is sick I'll take two per day. If I feel a cold coming on I'll take about 4 the first day then two for as long as I suspect I still need some extra immunity. Airborne is mostly vitamins and minerals with some fancy Chinese herbs thrown in. Maybe quackery but it actually works for me.


  3. One more thing on the flour bugs- You can bet that every commercial baked good you eat probably had some bugs in the flour. Don't worry about them, they don't eat much.


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