Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Top 10 Greatest Smells

They say smell, out of all the senses, is the one that triggers memory the most. It definitely does for me. The first warm day in spring when you can open all the windows in your house, brings me back to being a teenager, in my bedroom feeling melancholy. The smell of leather reminds me of my first boyfriends new car. Drakkar cologne reminds me of my Dad.
So I decided to make a top 10 list of my favorite smells, the ones that have the best memories for me:

10) Fresh cut grass
9) Old books (There is something comforting about the smell, like your grandparents house)
8) lilacs
7) a Fire in the Fireplace
6) puppy breath
5) the store smell on your new clothes (new school clothes)
4) a new box of crayons
3) those markers from grammar school, the ones that smell like fruits
2) play doh ( I know you liked the smell so much that at least once in your life you tried to taste it)
1) baby
EDIT: Mona reminded me of a great smell:
11) New pool toys otherwise known as plastic (In my house we call that smell "baby dolls at Christmas")


  1. i always liked the smell of new pool toys.

  2. buttered popcorn at the movies!!

  3. Freshly ground coffee would be pretty high on my list.

  4. All of these are great, especially "old books". I used to wander the archives of the OU library just for that smell. My favorite childhood smell was the freshly made copies from the "ditto machine", that purple type and fresh ink just made me giddy. I think the teachers thought we were getting high off the things.

  5. Shampoos always do it for me. When I use a shampoo that I used in high school or any period of my life, it takes me right back there. Too bad they don't make "Body on Tap" anymore. Or the original "Herbal Essence." Mmmmm.

  6. Interesting that no one has mentioned fresh baked bread as another great smell. Non-food smells are tough, though... leather comes to mind, whether it's a new leather jacket or a new football.

  7. another great one is books --oh, wait, someone said that... and then there's the smell a woman... her scent... ah, delight!


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