Thursday, November 11, 2004

Who Does That?

E had to get a car because his new job doesn't provide cars it just gives you a car allowance to pay for your car and insurance costs. Soooo he didn't know what he wanted and he was looking around.
Monday he comes home from work and tells me he can pick up his new car at 4:30. Who does that? Who buys a car without their significant other's input?

I told him my next car will be whatever I want. He said fine, within reason, we have to be able to afford it. I told him "we'll see."
Strange, no?


  1. wife nearly killed me when i ordered Direct TV without her final consent....start loooking into a convertable, lol :-)

  2. LOL - this exact same thing happened to me barely two months after the birth of our baby boy. I felt the same way: who does that? His choice was far from what I would have chosen but three months later, I find myself driving the new car more... :)


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