Monday, November 29, 2004

Did Anyone Miss Me?

Well it finally happened. My computer blew the fuck up. On Friday it just ceased working, nothing, kaput, a blank slate. I cried a little. The last thing I wanted to do was buy a new computer before Christmas, and I don't want a computer to be my present. I like to think of a purchase of that caliber a "household purchase".
I am sad for my old computer which was only four years old. I am sad for the pictures that are on their that I cannot retrieve. Or can you? Does anyone know what the cost is to bring the computer to one of those geeks at best buy or somewhere & have them look at it & possible retrieve pictures?

I tried all of my tricks (2) to get it back but no such luck, E took me out yesterday to buy a new computer. On a good note, I am the proud owner of a new 17 inch flat panel, which I love.
Other then that life was uneventful. Turkey day was go, my Mom, sister & nephew came down for 2 days this weekend and we got a good deal of Christmas shopping done. I still have more to do though.

When E was dismantling the old computer he said "shame, lot of good blogs written on this computer." Very cute coming from him, he wouldn't know a blog if it punched him in the eye.

FYI, I am sick. Please feel free to send chicken soup.

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  1. Now this business about thinking of a new 'puter as a household purchase has me re-thinking Christmas for mywife! I thought a new laptop with something like the Garmin GPS/PDA would be a really nice present. She's been wanting her own computer for a long time.... She's also mentioned, on several occasions, wanting a PDA. Right now she has a DayTimer calendar and it gets used hard... lots of activities booked every week between herself and the kids, so I'm sure a PDA would get used hard. And she's traveling to quite a few new places now between working P-T as a visiting nurse and being a consultant with Southern Living at Home, so I thought the GPS was a good idea, too.
    Trish loves jewelry, but she has plenty of it. And I have a real hard time justifying spending big bucks on jewelry, I'm sorry. A watch, maybe... but I gave her a nice ladies Seiko a few years ago. On the other hand, the gift is supposed to be something SHE'LL enjoy. But I'm not spending heavy scratch on jewelry or other stuff at Christmas that I consider useless, and THEN buy a computer and PDA after Christmas as a household purchase. So it's either-or, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe a happy medium would be to ALSO buy her one SMALL piece of jewelry too.
    Whaddya think....


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